JNBridgePro and Windows 7

A number of our users have begun using Windows 7. You’ll be happy to know that JNBridgePro works fine with Windows 7, with a few caveats. Here’s where things stand with the current version (4.1.0):

32-bit JNBridgePro: 32-bit JNBridgePro works just fine with Windows 7. The product installs smoothly, and the proxy generators work, as do the Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins. The only caveat is that if you are using shared memory and Java 6, you might see a message that contact with the Java side could not be made because msvcr71.dll is missing. This is actually a well-known issue with Java (see detailed discussion of the problem here), and is the result of some very questionable design decisions by Sun; it has nothing directly to with JNBridgePro. The solution to the problem is to find a copy of msvcr71.dll (you can find one in the JDK 1.6’s bin folder), and place it in WindowsSystem32 (or WindowsSysWow64 if it’s a 64-bit operating system). When that is done, the problem will go away. Finally, all applications that use JNBridgePro will work fine; if the applications use shared memory and Java 6, add msvcr71.dll as described above.

64-bit JNBridgePro: In the 64-bit version of JNBridgePro, the installer will show an error when installing the Visual Studio plug-in. Simply hit the return key to pass through this error. If both Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 are on the machine, you will see this error twice. Once the installation completes, the standalone proxy generators will work fine, although the Visual Studio plug-ins will not be installed. All applications that use JNBridgePro will work without problem.

By the time of the release of Windows 7 (scheduled by Microsoft for October 22, 2009), we plan to release a new v4.1.1 of JNBridgePro that will address the two issues discussed above.