Connect anything Java any JVM JMS, EJB JNDI, JSP AWT, SWT, Swing Jakarta EE Hadoop, Kafka, HDFS JAR files any Java app server Groovy, Clojure, Jython

with anything .NET .NET Core .NET Framework C# library DLL file WPF or WinForms ASP.NET F#, C#, IronPython LINQ

Excel, Word

anywhere in the same process in different processes across a network on premises in the Cloud (Azure, AWS...) on Windows or Linux


Get your Java and .NET based (C#, VB) components working together, quickly and easily.

Full Access

Gain full access to any Java or .NET API on the other side, whether it’s services-enabled or not. Expose any Java or .NET binary, no source code required!

Fast Time to Market

Solve your Java & .NET cross-platform interoperability issues quickly and easily, so you can focus on what matters.

High Performance

JNBridgePro is 100′s-1000′s times faster than web services. It’s perfect for when performance matters.

Make the Complicated Simple

JNBridgePro makes the incompatible compatible, so you don’t have to. Calls to Java code from .NET or calls to .NET code from Java will look just like native, local code.

Access Best-of-Breed Components

You don’t need to sacrifice using the best components for any job just because they were written for the other platform.

Save Money

Reduce your up-front development costs. Preserve your exsiting investments. Save long-term maintenance costs by keeping the original Java or .NET source code untouched.

Really Anything?

Anything includes:

Java Side.NET Side
UIsAWT, SWT, SwingWPF, WinForms, ASP .NET
Custom ObjectsCustom Java objects, Classes, Instance Members, Static Members, Fields, Properties Methods, Generics, Enums, Events, TransactionsCustom .NET objects, Classes, Instance Members, Static Members, Fields, Properties Methods, Generics, Enums, Events, Transactions
Base Class LibraryJava base class library.NET base class library
App Servers and Integration ServersWebLogic, WebSphere, WildFly (JBoss), Active MQ, GlassfishBizTalk, Neuron ESB
Big DataHadoop, Kafka, HBase, HDFS
LanguageJava, Groovy, Clojure, JythonC#, F#, IronPython, C++, VB.NET…
RuntimeJVM.NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono
OSAny supported JVMWindows, Linux

Deploy Anywhere

  • In the same process
  • In separate processes on the same machine
  • Across any network
  • On a real machine or in a virtual machine or container
  • On the ground or in the cloud
  • Your Java side can run in any standard JVM, on any platform.
  • Your .NET side can run on Windows (.NET Framework, .NET Core, or Mono) or on Linux (.NET Core or Mono).
  • Reconfigure your deployment architecture on the fly with a simple configuration file change.
in-process to cross-network communications