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Evaluation and Quick Start Guide

Guidelines for evaluation and a set of pointers to help you get started building your first integrated Java/.NET application.

Documentation (PDF)

Getting Started with the JNBridgePro Plug-ins for Visual Studio and Eclipse

How to use the JNBridgePro plug-ins for Visual Studio and for Eclipse to generate proxies and to use them in larger projects.

Documentation (PDF)

User’s Guide

Detailed information on installing, using and running JNBridgePro to build your applications.

Documentation (PDF)

JNBridgePro for .NET Core Users’ Guide

How JNBridgePro for .NET Core works, and how it differs from traditional JNBridgPro for .NET Framework.

Documentation (PDF)

Release Notes

The latest version-specific information, including system requirements, bugs fixed, and known issues.

Documentation (PDF)

Read Me

Special notes about the product, installation instructions, and system requirements.

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White Papers

JNBridgePro Technical Overview

The JNBridgePro approach to achieving cross-language interoperability between Java and .NET as Java’s cross-platform capability and conformance to Java standards is retained.

White Paper (PDF)

Technical Note: JNBridgePro and Clustering

A description of how JNBridgePro can be in a clustered Java EE architecture so that the .NET code can participate in clustering’s failover, high-availability, and load-balancing capabilities.

Technical Note (PDF)

.NET-to-Java and Java-to-.NET Cross-Platform Transactions with 2-Phase Commit

JNBridgePro supports cross-platform transactions that seamlessly extend container-managed Java transactions to .NET or .NET transaction scopes to Java. With JNBridgePro, you can enable cross-platform transactions quickly and easily, with near-negligible amounts of development time and effort.

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JNBridgePro Performance Hints

The architecture of your solution can have siginificant impact on the performance overhead of JNBridgePro, ranging from nonexistant to noticeable. This document provides hints and suggestions you can use to improve JNBridgePro performance.

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