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The Fine Print

Support Agreement

Individual technical support is available to evaluators and customers who have a valid maintenance and support contract.

Support and Maintenance Agreement:  PDF HTML

See software agreements for copies of the Standard License Agreements.

End-of-Service-Life Policy

  1. Upon issuing a new version of the Licensed Software, JNBridge will no longer:
    a. Sell previous releases except to current Licensees;
    b. Issue enhancements for previous releases.
  2. If a problem arises with a previous release, JNBridge may, at its sole discretion, either:
    a. Recommend a workaround;
    b. Issue a patch for the previous release;
    c. Recommend the Licensee upgrade to the current release.
  3. The end-of-sale date for a given version is the day before the following version is issued. Subject to item 2, JNBridge will provide support for a given version for five years following the end-of-sale date. Support will only be provided to Licensees with current and valid support agreements.
  4. Notwithstanding any commitment above, JNBridge will no longer support the Licensed Software if any of the underlying technologies or other third party tools are no longer supported. This includes, but is not limited to:
    a. Oracle no longer supports a specific version of Java
    b. Microsoft no longer supports a specific version of the .NET Framework or of BizTalk Server
    c. Use of the software with an application server unsupported by the vendor due to the vendor’s end-of-service-life policy
    d. Use of the software with an third-party API unsupported by the vendor due to the vendor’s end-of-service-life policy