JNBridgePro 10.1 offers new network security options

JNBridgePro 10.1 adds new security features including SSL communications, class whitelisiting, and IP whitelisting.

JNBridgePro and Network Security

A vulnerability has been recently discovered when using JNBridgePro with the TCP/binary or HTTP/SOAP channels. JNBridge has implemented an IP whitelisting mechanism to address this issue.

Progress Corticon Chooses JNBridgePro for Higher Performance and Ease of Use

“JNBridgePro’s performance far exceeded our expectations. It provided a 3-fold increase in our deployment efficiency over our previous IKVM-based solution. In addition, JNBridgePro offers an easy-to-use interface for our customers.”

Why all the extensions in the .NET Core version of JNBridgePro?

If you’ve looked at our new .NET Core components for JNBridgePro, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of new DLLs with names like Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.dll. What’s up with that?

Why doesn’t the JNBridgePro for .NET Core proxy tool generate proxy DLLs?

For .NET Core-to-Java projects, you’ll need to use a proxy generation tool associated with .NET Framework. Why, and what are we going to do about this?