Welcome to the JNBridge WCF Adapter for JMS Blog!

Hello all! The beta program for the JNBridge JMS Adapter is under way. Those of you who’ve already registered for the Beta Partner Program will receive an e-mail linking you to the download page for Beta1. If you haven’t registered, go to www.jnbridge.com/adapter  and I’ll follow up with the link.   I’m Bill Heinzman. I will be the main contact for the […]

Summary of JNBridge talk at JavaOne

George Lawton has posted a very nice summary of my JavaOne talk on Java/.NET UI interop. You can find the post here on The ServerSide Interoperability Blog: http://tssblog.techtarget.com/index.php/interoperability/interoperating-and-bridging-net-java-on-desktop Thanks George!

JNBridgePro 3.2.2 has been released

Our new point release, JNBridgePro 3.2.2, has been released.  You can download it from the JNBridge website.   3.2.2 is a rollup of all the patches issued since 3.2.1 was released.  (The release notes listing the patches can also be downloaded from the website.)  Customers using those patches should feel free to upgrade to 3.2.2, which is […]

JNBridge at the Microsoft SOA/BP conference in Redmond

JNBridge is a sponsor of the upcoming Microsoft SOA and Business Conference on the Microsoft campus in Redmond from October 29 to November 2.  We’ll be exhibiting, so if you’re going to be there, look for us in the exhibit hall.  I can also guarantee that we’ll have some exciting announcements.

The JNBridge JMS adapters for .NET and BizTalk Server are now available!

We’re happy to announce that JNBridge has released two new products: JMS adapters for .NET and for BizTalk Server! Over the years, one of the most frequent scenarios for which customers have used our core JNBridgePro product (and for which they’ve often asked for assistance), is integration with JMS (Java Message Service). We’ve provided guidance […]