JNBridgePro Developer Licenses

A Developer License allows you to install and use the development and deployment components of JNBridgePro to generate and test Java/.NET proxies on one machine. See JNBridgePro licensing for details.
License Type Term Single License Price Annual Support Subtotal
Trial 30 days Free Free Free
Developer Perpetual $1,424.50 $544.50 $1,969
Developer Terminal Server Perpetual or Annual
Quantity discounts are 5% per additional license to a max of 30%

JNBridgePro Deployment Licenses

A Deployment License allows you to distribute and install the runtime components of JNBridgePro to end users. Deployment licenses are issued on the .NET side only. See JNBridgePro licensing for details.
License Type Term Quantity Price Annual Maintenance Subtotal
Desktop Perpetual 5 $1325 $200 $1525
Desktop Perpetual 10 $2385 $360 $2745
Desktop Perpetual 20 $4505 $680 $5185
Desktop Perpetual > 20
Desktop, Floating Perpetual 1 $434.50 $66 $500.50
Server Perpetual 1 $4,372 $654.50 $5,026.50
Other License Types
Virtual Machine Server Perpetual or Annual
Cloud Server Annual
OEM Perpetual or Annual
for quantity discounts or optional annual subscription-based pricing.