Business Challenge

Integration with new SAP BI platform required ebiexperts to rewrite parts of their applications in Java, translating to time and budget concerns.


JNBridgePro presents a fast, reliable and more flexible alternative to rewriting applications, saving ebiexperts time and costs.

“[JNBridgePro] is an elegant fix — and one that is absolutely reliable in bridging Java with whatever .NET applications we are running… It allows us to focus our efforts on understanding the SAP side.”
Jean-Philippe Golay
CIO, ebiexperts

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Founded in 2000, ebiexperts is a leading provider of a software solution that enables companies to leverage their existing business intelligence investments to their full potential by delivering simple, secure and effective software solutions. The software helps organizations gain better insight into their business intelligence applications, improving agility, productivity and return on investments. ebiexperts works with a worldwide network of partners and resellers to support more than 100 customers worldwide and across all industry sectors.



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Since 2001, award-winning JNBridge has made seamless and cost-effective Java and
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JNBridge, LLC

.NET-Based ebiexperts Avoids Time, Cost Drains in Wake of Business Objects’ Switch to Java


ebiexperts provides a version control and deployment tool called Version Manager, specifically designed for SAP business intelligence (BI). Both the deployment management and version recovery are completely integrated in the application. ebiexperts’ customers use Version Manager for other needs as well, including deploying Java applications to web servers, deploying QlikView and Qlik Sense applications, managing product documentation, ensuring there is always only a single copy of every file, or managing and deploying ERP configuration files.

In 2010, ebiexperts migrated its existing applications from Delphi to .NET for a number of reasons. “It was easier to find developers’ C skill sets rooted in the more modern .NET,” said Jean-Philippe Golay, CIO, ebiexperts. “But most importantly, migration to .NET meant better integration with SAP Business Objects.”


As luck would have it, SAP decided to convert Business Objects to Java soon after ebiexperts’ migration to .NET. “This bit of news was thrown at us by one of our customers that was evaluating a new SAP version,” recalled Golay. “He said, ‘Everything [ebiexperts] is using is gone. We need it in Java, and we need it now.'”

Integration with the new SAP BI platform meant that ebiexperts would have to sink countless developer hours into rewriting its existing applications in Java — and it had to be done quickly. “We could have written our own bridge to interact with Java applications; we had our own pieces and slices of code,” said Golay. “But it would have been a massive nightmare to execute. It would have taken a lot of resources and effort — and time, which we didn’t have.”


Golay and his team’s due diligence in searching for a solution to their Java woes led them to JNBridgePro. The solution enabled a faster implementation of a Java-compatible version of ebiexperts’ software. In addition, Golay said using JNBridgePro has limited the amount of training needed so his team could stay focused on other tasks. “[JNBridgePro] is an elegant fix — and one that is absolutely reliable in bridging Java with whatever .NET applications we are running… It allows us to focus our efforts on understanding the SAP side.”

JNBridgePro has also proven to help “future proof” ebiexperts’ applications. “SAP has an ever-changing framework. Now, they seem to want to phase out Java and replace it with a new REST SDK,” said Golay. “Using JNBridgePro makes it easier for us to move between technologies as things evolve.”


  • Enables faster implementation of Java-compatible software versions
  • Allows development team to focus on other business-critical tasks
  • Provides flexibility to accommodate changing frameworks

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