The JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk enables you to access JMS services from BizTalk Server. Its features include:

  • Works with any vendor’s JMS server.
  • Leaves your JMS server untouched.
  • Connect BizTalk Server orchestrations to JMS infrastructure.
  • Bind send/receive ports to JMS queues and topics.
  • Accommodates:

    Local JMS transactions
    Text messages, byte messages
    Point-to-point messaging (queues) and publish/subscribe (topics)
    Durable subscriptions
    Message selectors/filters
    JMS header properties
    Message intake throttling
    Request/response and solicit/response messaging patterns

  • Configure and run as a single process via the shared-memory channel.
  • Provides fault-tolerant connections for JMS Server shutdown scenarios.
  • Based on the dependable and robust JNBridgePro Java and .NET interop technology.