Looking to the future

Our tenth anniversary festivities will soon be drawing to a close. Past installments on this blog have looked toward the past or the present, and now we’d like to spend a little bit of time thinking about the future.

Specifically, where do you think we should take JNBridge next? There are lots of scenarios where we can potentially apply JNBridgePro interoperability technologies, but we’d like to learn more about interoperability challenges you are facing, or new technologies that you might be using in the future that could present obstacles to interoperability. Here’s a list of technologies where we could conceivably extend the JNBridge footprint. Are these scenarios that might be of interest to you?

    • Metro and WinRT: Are you thinking about writing Metro or WinRT apps that need to call Java? How about Java apps that need to access Metro/WinRT DLLs or Portable Class Libraries?


    • Mono: Would you like to write Mono applications that call Java libraries, or Java applications that call .NET code running on Mono? Would the Mono be running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or some other platform?


    • Mobility: There are lots of possible scenarios here:


      • Windows Phone 8: Are you considering writing WP8 apps that might call Java libraries? Would you want that Java to reside on a server, or on the phone?


      • Android: How about calling .NET libraries from Android’s Java? Or calling Java libraries from .NET/Mono running on Android?


      • iOS: Is there any kind of interoperability scenario involving iOS that you’re considering?


    • JVM-based dynamic languages: In a previous blog post, we talked about Groovy-to-.NET integration, and how it just works. Are there other interoperability scenarios involving dynamic languages that you’d like to see?


    • JavaScript and Node.js: JavaScript is a different platform than Java, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for JNBridgePro-style integration. Do you have any prospective projects involving integration between JavaScript or Node.js and .NET?


  • Additional Microsoft products: Our BizTalk adapter for JMS is very popular, but it’s not the only Microsoft product where JNBridge technologies could be used for interoperability. Are you thinking of integrating Java code with SharePoint? System Center Operations Manager? Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)? Windows Azure?

The sky’s the limit: Any other interoperability scenarios you’d like to see us tackle? Please drop us a note, either to or in the (moderated) comments below.