JNBridge Profile in SD Times 100 Supplement

We’re honored to included in the 2012 SD Times 100, in the APIs and Integration category. While the announcement was made a few short months ago, SD Times just came out with the supplement that profiles all the winners. The SD Times 100 names companies and organizations of all sizes who have demonstrated leadership and […]

Windows Azure PaaS vs. IaaS

As a follow-on to our recent JNBridge lab showing how to write Hadoop mapreducers using .NET and JNBridgePro, we were planning to show how to take Hadoop and those .NET mapreducers and deploy them to Windows Azure. This would have a number of advantages over Microsoft’s own Hadoop-on-Azure initiative, which does not support .NET-based mapreducers […]

Announcing JNBridgePro v6.1

We’re excited to announce the release of JNBridgePro v6.1. The new version connects Java and the .NET Framework both on the ground and in the cloud, and has all the features of previous versions of JNBridgePro, plus the following significant new features: We’ve added support for the new Visual Studio 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5. […]

Customer questions answered: Handling optional parameters in JNBridgePro

We received a support question recently concerning methods in .NET with optional parameters, and how to call them from Java. This is something that I think would be of interest to a number of our users. If a method has optional parameters, they can be left out of the arguments when the method is called. […]

Customer questions answered: Cross-platform method overrides in JNBridgePro

Here’s another interesting question from the support inbox. Let’s say that you have a .NET class that contains a virtual method, and you want to override it in your Java code. The immediate answer would seem to be to proxy the .NET class, then write a Java class that extends the proxy class and override […]