The Problems with the Windows 8 Start Screen

A lot of attention has been paid to the problems that enterprise users have with the new Windows 8 Start Screen. Most of the discussion seems to center around the fact that the old-style Start Menu is no longer available, but I don’t think that’s the issue. The problems are inherent in the new Start […]

Building a LINQ provider for HBase MapReduce

Explore building a simple .NET LINQ provider for HBase. This lab uses the Java API for creating, managing and scanning HBase tables and the .NET LINQ provider interfaces.

Build 2012 Recap

We were in Redmond last week for the Build conference, where Microsoft offered deep dives into their latest technologies. Unlike last year, where the emphasis was on in-depth looks at lower-level technologies like Windows RT, .NET 4.5, and Windows 8 internals, this year’s conference concentrated on higher-level application-oriented APIs like Microsoft Account (formerly Windows Live […]

Groovy-to-.NET integration

Lately, much of the action in the Java world has been in the development and use of non-Java languages that run on the JVM. That’s why we were pleased to hear from a customer who wanted to use JNBridgePro to call .NET assemblies from code written in Groovy. For those of you unaware, Groovy is […]

Looking to the future

Our tenth anniversary festivities will soon be drawing to a close. Past installments on this blog have looked toward the past or the present, and now we’d like to spend a little bit of time thinking about the future. Specifically, where do you think we should take JNBridge next? There are lots of scenarios where […]