Check out our new website!

If you haven’t yet had a chance, check out our new JNBridge website.  We’ve redone it in a more modern style, suitable for tablets and phones as well as for desktop browsers. We’re particularly proud of our new Developer Centers, where we’ve collected tutorials, demos, videos, and documentation.  You can find the Developer Centers under […]

New Java 8 features in JNBridgePro 7.2

Java 8 contains two new features, static interface methods and default interface methods, that affect JNBridgePro functionality. Both features are designed to improve usability of the language…

Java-in-.NET embedding and Java 7 and 8

Embedding Java components in .NET applications, when using Java 7 or 8, doesn’t work the same way it previously did with Java 5 or 6, as the focus handling has changed. When Java components are embedded in .NET applications, and Java 7 or 8 is being used, focus-related events like keyboard events and mouse wheel […]

Instantiating Generic Collections

We had a question from a user recently asking how to instantiate certain generic collections in Java-to-.NET projects.  Some of the things that were discussed are of interest to the general community. The user had a .NET method that was proxied to Java.  The method had several parameters, one of which was List<string>, and the […]

JNBridgePro v7.2, adapters v3.2 released

Today we’ve announced the release of JNBridgePro version 7.2, which supports Java 8 (in addition to still supporting Java 5, 6, and 7). JNBridgePro v7.2 adds support for, among other new Java 8 features, static and default methods in interfaces. In addition, v7.2 includes substantial performance improvements in .NET applications that create very large numbers […]