Call Java code from Iron Python

Use JNBridgePro to fight developer fatigue when learning Python by having an Iron Python application call an existing Java library.

Can interoperability tools help cure developer fatigue?

“Developer fatigue” is real as many developers are increasingly frustrated trying to keep current with the flood of new languages, platforms and tools. Can interop tools help?

Embed WPF and WinForms components in Swing applications

Embed WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WinForms components in Java Swing applications with JNBridgePro.

Creating WCF Services using the .NET JMS Adapter–Part 2

Using the JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET and Visual Studio, discover how to build and deploy a WCF Channel Listener to IIS that consumes messages from a JMS queue.

Call .NET code from Jython

Add .NET functionality to Jython. See how easy it is to write a Jython (Java-based Python) program that can access .NET classes using JNBridgePro.