Java in the Azure Cloud

Microsoft has been promoting the use of Java in the Azure cloud, and has been providing lots of material showing how it’s done. They’ve also been distributing Java tools for Azure, including an SDK for Eclipse, and an Azure accelerator for Tomcat. Their latest offering is the “Windows Azure Starter Kit for Java,”? which provides […]

JNBridgePro 6.0 is available! Integrate Java & .NET in the cloud.

Whew! We’ve made our committed deadline: JNBridgePro version 6.0 is now available for download. This new version supports Java/.NET interoperability projects where one or both of the end points are in the cloud. JNBridgePro 6.0 enables you to build and distribute integrated applications anywhere, including: Intra-cloud, where both end points reside in the same cloud, […]

JNBridgePro and Windows 8: It already works

We were at Microsoft’s Build conference in Anaheim a few weeks ago, where they unveiled their upcoming Windows 8 operating system.  In case you hadn’t caught the news, Windows 8 contains two distinct user experiences: a traditional “Desktop” experience which resembles Windows 7, and a new, touch-centric “Metro” experience.  The Desktop experience allows you to […]

Farewell, JavaOne

JNBridge has had a presence at JavaOne every year for the last six years, from giving talks to exhibiting. They’ve been good years:  we’ve greatly appreciated and value the face-to-face conversations about solving real world problems. Back in 2005 we even got to hang out in Microsoft’s booth, and watch the shock and awe as […]

JNBridge is 10!

Join us, we’re celebrating: JNBridge is 10 years old! And what a decade it’s been. We’re going to celebrate all year, but to kick it off we’ll start with a brief retrospective of 2002. Ten things that happened 10 years ago: In January, Sun and Microsoft settled their suit. Sun had sued Microsoft for incompletely […]