TechEd birds-of-a-feather session followup

Thanks to everyone who attended our birds-of-a-feather session on UI interface technology interop at TechEd last week in Los Angeles.  As promised, I’d like to follow up with resources that people have requested.  If you have a question you’d like answered, or are looking for information on a UI interop-related topic, drop me a note in […]

Powered by JNBridgePro

Adobe’s Kristen Schofield has posted some quotes and excerpts from a Gartner report (requires purchase) that praises ColdFusion. We’re particularily fond of the quote from Mark Driver where he says: “…ColdFusion can provide unique value that is not fully addressed by any competing alternative technology. Most notably, ColdFusion is unmatched by any competitor for ease […]

Announcing new version of JMS Adapter for .NET

Version 1.2 of the JMS Adapter for .NET supports distributed transactions with full rollback capability Boulder, Colorado, June 1, 2009 (JavaOne Booth #208) JNBridge,, the award-winning provider of Java and .NET interoperability tools, today announced the release of version 1.2 of its JMS Adapter for .NET. The adapter provides a single-step integration between JMS […]

JNBridgePro and Visual Studio 2010

Something cool from the JNBridge labs. What you’re seeing below is the JNBridgePro plug-in running inside Visual Studio 2010. When VS2010 is released, we’ll be ready for it.  

JavaOne Blog Talk Radio and More

Whew! We’ve finally updated our Web site to reflect most of the JavaOne and Tech-Ed flurry of activity. Listen to Wayne Citrin’s interview on JavaOne Blog Talk Radio, or read the transcript. And check out some of our recent press: June 4, 2009 New tools target software QA, testing: Spring roundup by Colleen Frye […]