Introducing JNBridgePro 9.0

New in JNBridgePro 9.0: ability to create multiple proxy DLLs to help you manage multiple .NET-to-Java integration projects, and support for Java 10.

Integrating Jakarta EE, the Enterprise Edition of Java, and .NET

No matter whether it’s called Jakarta EE, EE4J, Java EE, or even J2EE (remember that?), JNBridge can help you integrate your Enterprise Java with anything .NET.

Java 10 and the emerging problem of release fatigue

With Java 10 coming out only six months after Java 9, can we be surprised that Java 10 contains only incremental improvements? This post explores the pitfalls of accelerated release cadences.

The Five Most Viewed JNBridge Blog Posts of 2017

A look back at our most popular blog posts in 2017. As a window into what’s most important for our website visitors, it contains some surprises. What tops the list? What are some oldies but goodies?

Farewell, Java.VS: Evolving Developer Tools and Our Difficult Decision

We’ve been extremely gratified by the enthusiasm with which our announcement of Java.VS, our Java environment for Visual Studio, was greeted by the development community. However, after a great deal of reflection, we’ve reluctantly decided that it no longer makes sense for us to move forward with Java.VS product development. We’d like to explain why here. Shortly […]