Warning message: “Note: This copy of JNBridgePro is for evaluation purposes only…”

When you run an application using JNBridgePro, you see the following message:

Note: This copy of JNBridgePro is for evaluation purposes only. JNBridgePro proxy components targeted for licensed runtime environments must be generated using a permanent JNBridgePro Developer license. For mroe information on licensing, please see: http://www.jnbridge.com/licensing.htm

This message appears whenever you use JNBridgePro proxy dlls or jar files that have been generated using an evaluation license. Your application will continue to run, but you will continue to see the warning message until you re-generate the proxies using a permanent JNBridgePro developer license and use the re-generated proxies in your application.

The purpose of the warning is to remind you that production work must be done with proxies generated by properly licensed JNBridgePro proxy generation tools and not with the free evaluation licenses.