Using x64 .NET JMS Adapter on 64-bit machine errors with “Unrecognized element”

This message occurs when trying to execute a application written using Visual Studio on a 64-bit platform with the JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET (x64) version 1.1. The error is "Unrecognized element: 'JNBridgeDotNetJMSAdapterBinding' ". This error is caused because the machine.config file in the .NET 64-bit framework is missing the WCF custom binding. The machine.config file in the 32-bit .NET framework does contain the binding. Please do the following steps:


1) Navigate to the directory C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFramework64v2.0.50727CONFIG and open the file machine.config in a text editor.

2) Find the XML element <bindingExtensions> and insert the <add> element for the custom WCF JNBridgeDotNetJMSAdapterBinding, shown on the following page.





         <add name="JNBridgeDotNetJMSAdapterBinding"



                               Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b18a44fb28aea122" />



3) Save the machine.config file. The element added to the 64-bit file is identical to the element added to the 32-bit file by the installation.