Unable to locate or load assembly JNBSharedMem_x86.dll or JNBSharedMem_x64.dll

If you’re running a .NET-to-Java project that uses shared memory, and you see the error message “Unable to locate or load assembly JNBSharedMem_x86.dll” (or JNBSharedMem_x64.dll), and you are including that JNBSharedMem dll in your project, then the problem is that the appropriate Visual C++ runtime library is missing. Usually the libraries are there, as they have likely been installed by other products, particularly Microsoft products. If they’re not there, you can download the appropriate one from Microsoft here.

For 4.x-targeted JNBridgePro 8.2 and later, you should download and install the VC++ 11.0 libraries. For less recent 4.x-targeted versions, the VC++ 10.0 libraries should be downloaded and installed. For 2.0/3.x-targeted versions, the VC++ 9.0 libraries should be installed.

The libraries come in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so you should install the one of the appropriate bitness.

The runtime libraries can be installed side by side without conflict.