JNBridgeInternalError or JNBInternalException: Object ‘/JNBDotNetDispatcher’ has been disconnected or does not exist at the server

You've received a JNBridgeInternalError.  Examining the Inner exception, you see that it's a JNBInternalException with the message "Object '/JNBDotNetDispatcher' has been disconnected or does not exist at the server.


This exception almost always occurs when you're building a Java-to-.NET project and the JNBridgePro license on the .NET side is expired or otherwise invalid.The licensing exception that's initially thrown is filtered through a number of layers, which leads to the obscure error that's displayed.  It is also possible that this exception is caused by an invalidly formatted fully-qualified assembly name in the assembly list.  Before performing the actions below, please review the assemblies in the assembly list (either supplied programmatically, or in the Java-side properties files) for backslashes in file paths (always use forward slashes), or missing commas or other formatting errors in the fully-qualified names of assemblies being loaded from the GAC.


First, run the registration tool to see whether your license is invalid. If there is no registration tool on your .NET machine, install JNBridgePro or copy registrationTool.exe over from another machine and place it in a folder that contains jnbshare.dll, then run the registration tool and see what it says about the status of the license.


Depending on your licensing situation, one of the following actions will likely fix the problem:

  • If you've been running with an evaluation license, getting a new evaluation extensing key
  • If you've purchased a license, install or reinstall the appropriate key
  • If you have a license file, make sure that the file is in the correct location and that it's not corrupted.

Once you've made those changes, if the application is still running, you will need to restart it.