JMS Adapter for .NET end-of-life announcement

JNBridge has announced end-of-life for the JMS adapter for .NET. As such, we will no longer be selling licenses to new customers. Existing customers, with up-to-date support, will continue to receive support and can purchase additional licenses for their existing implementations.

We have made this decision for several reasons. First, Microsoft has been moving away from support of WCF (Windows Communications Foundation), in favor of REST-based services. While Microsoft still supports WCF, they encourage new projects to use other technologies. In fact, the upcoming .NET 5 will not include WCF. The JMS adapter for .NET is built on top of WCF.

Second, Microsoft has long stopped supporting integration of the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK with Visual Studio. The JMS adapter for .NET depends on using the WCF LOB Adapter SDK inside Visual Studio, and we have labored mightily over the years to keep that working despite the lack of support from Microsoft. However, coupled with Microsoft’s lessening support for WCF, it no longer makes sense to expend the effort to keep the VS/LOB integration working as Visual Studio evolves.

As mentioned above, existing customers of the JMS adapter for .NET will continue to be supported, and they may purchase additional licenses for their existing implementations, as long as their support is up to date. However, new .NET adapter licenses will no longer be sold to new customers.

Please note that this announcement does not affect our JMS adapter for BizTalk Server, which is not built on top of WCF. We will continue to support the JMS adapter for BTS, and both new and existing customers can continue to purchase licenses for this product.