High CPU usage in applications using JNBridgePro 8.2

In some cases, applications using JNBridgePro 8.2 can exhibit high CPU usage. This is due to the presence of certain polling threads. While the threads regularly sleep and yield the processor, they were using a system call that yielded control in such a way that the current process generally retained control, and the process’s CPU usage remained high.

We have provided a patch for this problem that can be downloaded here.

The downloaded file contains 2.0- and 4.0-targeted versions of jnbshare.dll, plus a new copy of jnbcore.jar. Drop them into your JNBridgePro installation, but save the old copies in case you run into problems and need to back out.

Use the appropriate new jnbshare.dll, and the new jnbcore.jar, in your application.  There’s no need to re-generate your proxies.  When you run your application, you will see a much lower CPU usage.