Downloading Visual C++ redistributables from Microsoft

If you need to install a missing Visual C++ runtime library redistributable, you can find the latest supported library of each version here.

If you’re missing one of these libraries, you might see an exception saying that JNBShare, or JNBSharedMem, or one of its dependencies, could not be loaded.  Such exceptions are often due to missing Visual C++ runtime libraries. While these libraries are generally installed with other Microsoft products, it is possible that they might be missing on relatively clean machines that don’t have much software installed. In such cases, you can download the appropriate ones from the link above and install them yourself.

In addition, Java 7 and 8 require the VS 2010 C++ runtime library, and earlier Java versions require msvcr71.dll. While they come with the Java installations, in situations where Java is launched using a custom launcher (such as .NET-to-Java shared memory scenarios), the Java-supplied runtime libraries might not be found (see an explanation here), and manually installing the libraries might be necessary.