JNBridge on Port25

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Redmond, where I had a conversation with Sam Ramji, who heads up Microsoft’s open source lab.  Sam videotaped the conversation, and it’s now on the Port25 Web site. Thanks, Sam!

Callbacks (part 3)

In the third part of our series on callbacks, we’ll discuss what to do if we have a .NET assembly that implements callbacks using a Java-style listener interface. (See part one: using callbacks in .NET-to-Java projects and part two: callbacks in Java-to-.NET projects.) Since JNBridgePro only supports the delegate/event callback style in Java-to-.NET projects, we […]

Callbacks (part 2, at long last)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (hey, we’ve been busy :-)). I think the best place to pick up is with the long-promised second part of our article on callbacks. In the first part, I wrote about how to register .NET classes as listeners for Java events (in .NET-to-Java projects). In this post, I’ll […]

JNBridge at JavaOne

We’ll be at JavaOne in San Francisco in a little over a week (May 15 – 19). If you’re going to be there and you’re interested in Java/.NET interop, we’d love to meet you!  Send us an e-mail, and we’d be happy to set up a time to meet.

Conversation with Sam Ramji at Microsoft

Last week I was up in Redmond, where I spent an hour talking with Sam Ramji, who heads up Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab.  A lot of Sam’s work involves understanding the open source landscape, including Linux interoperability with Windows (he showed me their server room, where they’re running dozens of flavors of Linux on […]