New JNBridgePro point release, 3.1.3, now available

We’ve just released a new point release of JNBridgePro, version 3.1.3.  You can get it by downloading a new copy of JNBridgePro 3.1 from, then uninstalling your old copy and installing the new one.  You should use the new JNBridgePro components in your applications.  To get the full advantage of all the fixes, we recommend you re-generate your proxies, although the old ones will work, too.

The main change in 3.1.3 is a fix to the installer that allows it to be compatible with Windows Vista when Vista’s User Access Control (UAC) is enabled.

From the release notes:

  • In Java-to-.NET projects, parameters to callbacks (delegates/events) can now be value proxies. Previously, they could only be reference proxies.
  • A number of changes have been made to make JNBridgePro, and particularly its installer, more compatible with Windows Vista. In particular, the installer now works with Windows Vista’s User Access Control (UAC) mechanism. Also, all the executables are now signed with an Authenticode certificate, in addition to having .NET strong names.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause an exception to be thrown when initializing multithreaded Java-to-.NET projects.
  • Fixed a problem in Java-to-.NET projects where a dynamically generated proxy object might not implement all the interfaces that the underlying .NET object implements.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a .NET-to-Java application to lock up when certain timing conditions occur relating to callbacks.