JNBridge at JavaOne in SF in May

JNBridge will be at JavaOne this year!  We’ll be presenting a session with Robert Bell of Microsoft on the topic “Java and .NET UI Interoperability: How to Mix and Match UI Components,” where we’ll be demonstrating our GUI embedding capability, with an emphasis on embedding WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) components.  Come see us!

JavaOne will be in San Francisco from May 8 through 11.  The schedule hasn’t yet been published, so we don’t know exactly when the talk will be.  For more information on JavaOne, including the schedule when it’s published, see http://java.sun.com/javaone/sf/index.jsp.

If you’ll be at JavaOne, and would like to meet with us, send us an e-mail (info@jnbridge.com).  See you there!