Questions about new features

We’d like to hear from you about new features you’d like to see in upcoming versions of JNBridgePro, or even new products designed to solve interoperability problems you’re facing.  Feel free to post in the comments below, or contact us at

Here’s one feature that we’d like your opinion of.  Currently, .jnb project files that are used by the proxy generation tool contain the absolute paths of the files or folders in the classpath or assembly list used by the proxy tool. While this has some advantages, it also means that if a bunch of files connected with the interoperability project are packaged up and moved (including the .jnb file and files and folders in the classpath or assembly list), the paths in the .jnb file are no longer valid and the .jnb file can no longer be used. To address this issue, we are considering storing the paths relative to the location of the .jnb file. This means that the .jnb file is more likely to remain correct if multiple files are moved together, but in certain cases (where the referenced files weren’t moved along with the .jnb file), the paths may become incorrect.

Is this an issue you’ve encountered?  Is this change something that would help?  Let us know!