Progress Corticon Chooses JNBridgePro for Higher Performance and Ease of Use

Progress, the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has chosen JNBridgePro to improve its performance and ease-of-use for .NET implementations of Progress Corticon, the leading Business Rule Management System (BRMS) allowing businesses to automate policy and regulatory rules.  In the past, Corticon supported .NET deployments only through a complicated, cross-compilation process from Java to .NET using IKVM.NET1.  With thousands of worldwide customers – including Adobe and eBAY – Progress Corticon needed a modernized solution that was both easier for their .NET users to use and which provided increased performance. Finally, top-notch product support was also a key consideration.

After a successful evaluation, Progress selected JNBridgePro because of its proven track record of enabling Java APIs from .NET applications. JNBridge allowed Progress to quickly modernize its .NET support in the Corticon product. JNBridge’s support for .NET Core was also an important consideration for the Progress Corticon team, as they look to support future versions of .NET.

“JNBridgePro’s performance far exceeded our expectations.  It provided a 3-fold increase in our deployment efficiency over our previous IKVM-based solution.  In addition, JNBridgePro offers an easy-to-use interface for our customers.”

James Arsenault, Director of Engineering at Progress Corticon

Read more about replacing IKVM.NET with JNBridgePro.


1IKVM.NET is an open source implementation of Java for Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework. The original developer, Jeroen Frijters, discontinued work on IKVM in 2017.