New JNBridgePro point release

We’ve released JNBridgePro version 7.2.1 that addresses a number of issues encountered in the previous version.

  • 7.2.1 addresses the focus-related issues encountered when embedding Java UI elements in .NET applications and Java 7 and 8 are being used. In the new release, mouse-wheel events are correctly passed through to simple (non-compound) Java UI elements.  For other focus-related scenarios (compound Java UI elements and keyboard events) we still recommend using Java 6 to avoid these issues.
  • In scenarios where .NET UI elements are embedded in Java applications, JNBridgePro 7.2.1 addresses a problem where changes at run time to the embedded .NET element’s position in the Java-side UI hierarchy might cause the .NET element not to be redrawn.
  • 7.2.1 fixes an issue in Java-to-.NET projects where use of an anonymous or non-public event handler could cause an IllegalAccessException to be thrown.
  • In .NET-to-Java projects, 7.2.1 fixes an issue where, previously, when returning a value object whose class hierarchy includes multiple value proxies, not all fields were returned.
  • Finally, 7.2.1 fixed an issue in .NET-to-Java projects where proxying an interface hierarchy containing covariant return types might lead to a proxy dll that would not be properly verified by the .NET bytecode verifier.

To get this new version of JNBridgePro, just download JNBridgePro from our website.  If you already have a copy of JNBridgePro 7.2 installed on your machine, uninstall it before running the new installer for 7.2.1. If your application uses components from 7.2.1, you can simply drop the new 7.2.1 components into your application in place of the 7.2 components you’re currently using. You can keep using the proxies you previously generated with 7.2.