Microsoft Build 2015, Day 2 Keynote

The second day keynote at Build didn’t have too many things that we found relevant to our work, except for the extensive discussion of the bridges for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). However, the .NET/Win32 bridge (Project “Centennial”) demo raised as many questions as it answered:

  • Will existing .NET dlls, including our JNBridgePro components, work with Centennial, or must they all be rebuilt to target the bridge?
  • Can Reflection.Emit be used to build Centennial/UWP-targeted proxy DLLs?
  • If we have to, and do, rebuild our DLLs for Centennial/UWP, can our customers then use them to construct their own UWP applications?
  • Are there any APIs that we use that are off-limits when using the .NET/Win32 bridge?

We may learn more from the bridge-specific sessions, or we may need to wait until we get our hands on the software.

Would you be interested in using JNBridgePro to integrate .NET and Java in UWP applications?  If so, please let us know.