Microsoft Build 2015, Day 1 Keynote

There was lots of interesting stuff in this morning’s keynote. Here are a few of the things that we’ll be tracking:

  • New Azure offerings: We’ve already been playing with some of these new Azure offerings, and hope to have some posts in the near future showing how they can be enhanced with JNBridge technology.
  • Docker support for running .NET applications on Linux, and Microsoft support for Open Orchestration standards: As part of our initiative to fight developer fatigue, we’re tracking a number of emerging technologies, including Docker, and are looking at how JNBridgePro and the adapters can be used in the context of microservices.
  • Visual Studio Code for Mac OS and Linux: It’s exciting to see Visual Studio extend its reach to Mac OS and Linux.  What role can JNBridgePro play on these new platforms?
  • Support for running .NET and Win32 apps on the Universal Windows Platform (previously the Universal Application Platform): Up until now, Windows Store/Metro and Windows Phone apps have used a constrained runtime that lacked some of the APIs needed to run JNBridgePro.  If this new .NET support is sufficiently complete, then it’s possible that we can extend JNBridgePro’s footprint to include universal apps that will run from the Windows Store or on phones.

We hope to have more to say about this in future posts, and if we see anything else at Build that we find noteworthy and exciting, we’ll posting on it in the next couple of days.