JNBridgePro and the new Windows 8 and VS11 bits

As you’re probably aware, Microsoft today released the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the new Visual Studio 11 beta. While we of course don’t yet support JNBridgePro on Windows 8 and VS11, we do encourage you to try it and let us know about any problems you run into.

In our initial tests, JNBridgePro 6.0.1 (our current release) installs and runs fine on the Windows 8 desktop environment. Nothing new or special needs to be done to get that working.  (We do concede that the tiles on the Start screen could be prettier.)

In addition, the JNBridgePro plugin for Visual Studio also works with the new Visual Studio 11 beta, with a little bit of help. If you want to use the plugin with VS11, please contact us, and we’ll let you know what needs to be done. Note that the plugin will not work with the Express version of VS11; it’ll only work with the Standard, Professional, Premium, and Ultimate versions.

Also note that JNBridgePro is not a Metro app, and the generated proxies are not targeted toward the .NET Metro profile, so it currently won’t run in the Windows 8 Metro environment. Are you planning to use JNBridgePro in Metro apps? If so, please contact us.