JNBridgePro and cross-platform transactions

From our previous blog post, you can see that we’ve announced version 5.0 of JNBridgePro, which supports cross-platform transactions. This is a feature we’re really excited about. Up until now, you could have Java code inside a Java transaction call .NET code (or vice versa), but if something happened to cause a rollback on the Java side, the .NET side wouldn’t get rolled back. With the new version of JNBridgePro, transactions on the Java and .NET sides are transparently and seamlessly integrated. If there are active transactions on the Java and .NET sides, JNBridgePro will automatically join them, so that if either side fails, both sides are rolled back, and if both sides succeed, the transaction is committed on both the Java and .NET sides.

The picture below gives an idea of cross-platform transaction bridging in action:


JNBridgePro cross-platform transaction bridging in action

JNBridgePro’s cross-platform transaction bridging will work with both .NET-to-Java and Java-to-NET (and bidirectional) projects, and it will work with any vendor’s JEE implementation.

If you’re creating financial or e-commerce software, you will likely have transactional requirements, and we encourage you to download and try the new version of JNBridgePro, which becomes available on Monday, November 16.

More information on cross-platform transactions in the new version of JNBridgePro can be found here.