JNBridgePro 8.1 released

We’re excited to announce the release of JNBridgePro 8.1, the latest version of our Java/.NET interoperability tool. JNBridgePro 8.1 provides support for Visual Studio 2017, which was released on Tuesday.

JNBridgePro 8.1 adds a new mechanism for installing our Visual Studio plug-in, which applies to Visual Studio 2017 and later. The JNBridgePro plug-in is now packaged as a VSIX file. This is Microsoft’s standard mechanism for packaging Visual Studio extensions. To install the plug-in, find the file JNBridgePlugin2017.vsix in the JNBridgePro installation, and double-click on it.  The VSIX Installer will come up:

Follow the instructions to install the plug-in.

The plug-in will continue to be automatically installed in earlier versions of Visual Studio when the JNBridgePro installer in run. For VS 2017 and later, install it by double-clicking on the VSIX file.

JNBridgePro 8.1 also builds on the new cross-platform method override and abstract inheritance capability of JNBridgePro 8.0, and provides support for Eclipse Neon.2.

You can download JNBridgePro 8.1 now.