JNBridgePro 4.0.2 now available

JNBridgePro 4.0.2 is now available for download.  Like our other point releases, it contains a number of fixes (see the release notes for details), but it also contains a number of new features that we decided to put in now rather than wait for the release of 4.1.  For example, when creating Java-to-.NET applications that use shared memory, you can now specify whether the .NET side should be running in the single-threaded or multi-threaded apartment model.  Also, starting with 4.0.2, JNBridgePro now has full support for IPv6 when using tcp/binary or HTTP/SOAP communications.

To get 4.0.2, just download the latest JNBridgePro from the JNBridge Web site.  Uninstall your current copy of JNBridgePro 4.0.x and install the new one.  Make sure you use the new JNBridgePro runtime components in your application.  You can continue to use proxies generated with previous versions of JNBridgePro 4.0.

JNBridgePro 4.0.2 is available in x86 and x64 versions.