JNBridge is 10!

Join us, we’re celebrating: JNBridge is 10 years old! And what a decade it’s been. We’re going to celebrate all year, but to kick it off we’ll start with a brief retrospective of 2002.

Ten things that happened 10 years ago:

    1. In January, Sun and Microsoft settled their suit. Sun had sued Microsoft for incompletely implementing the Java 1.1 standard. Microsoft paid Sun $20 million, and agreed to phase out their version of Java.


    1. J2SE 1.4 was released on February 6, 2002.


    1. Microsoft .NET Framework version 1 was released on February 13, 2002.


    1. JNBridgePro version 1.0 was released June 3, 2002. Version 1.0 was a one-way bridge that allowed .NET to call Java.


    1. JNBridgePro version 1.1 was released on August 9, 2002, it added support for J2EE.


    1. JNBridge’s press releases early in the year instructed the reader how to pronounce .NET (“dot net”).


    1. JNBridgePro version 1.2, released November 8, 2002, added “one-and-a-half-way” bridging, allowing implicit calls from Java to .NET.


    1. The first commercial application using JNBridgePro pulled media advertising information from a Java-based system for a search engine company. A version of that application is still in use today.


    1. The second commercial application using JNBridgePro enabled a financial call center to strip Java-based telephony information and pop it into .NET-based screens. That application has been performing flawlessly for almost 10 years.


    1. We started bidding on “Java” and “.NET” keywords in Google AdWords in September.  .NET was so new that Google search didn’t know what to make of it yet, so our initial campaigns included lots of negative keywords such as fish and fishing.


    1. Going to 11, ten years ago the JNBridge logo looked like this. old logoGood grief!