JNBridge Customer Survey Results

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in our recent customer survey. Your responses were thoughtful and helpful!

With the caveat that the respondents are self-selected and not otherwise randomly representative of any population,  here are some of the resulting numbers.

In which direction do you use JNBridgePro?
.NET calling Java57%
Java calling .NET17%

At first glance it seems surprising that the just-one-way traffic is weighted so heavily in the .NET-calling-Java direction.  We expected some unevenness: there’s still more “legacy” Java code out there to be called than there is .NET code, and enterprise customers are more likely to have Java situated on the back-end, called by .NET apps on the front. Interactions with customers tell us that this 17% should, in reality, be higher.

Which of the following technologies do you currently use?
Which of the following technologies do you plan to use in future applications?
Use CurrentlyPlan to Use
Windows 731%62%
Windows Vista26%17%
Windows XP78%31%
Eclipse 3.522%28%
Visual Studio 200869%38%
Visual Studio 201024%74%
Java SE 1.529%3%
Java SE 1.638%17%
Java SE 1.714%31%
J2EE 1.424%19%
Java EE 517%5%
Java EE 69%16%
.NET Framework 2.048%12%
.NET Framework 3.041%19%
.NET Framework 3.566%41%
.NET Framework 4.021%66%

No real surprises here: this data primarily reinforces the fact that you’re steadily moving to newer versions of both platforms as they become available, and that we need to continue to stay current with new technologies.

What are your plans for applications in the cloud?
Cloud PlatformNo plans

Given all the hype about the cloud in the press, this, frankly, was a surprise. We have no explanation for this number. It just is what it is.

Again, many thanks to all of you who participated! We’ve contributed a nice chunk of change to Doctors Without Borders in appreciation of your efforts.