JNBridge at JavaOne: We’ll be exhibiting and giving a talk

JNBridge will be at JavaOne in San Francisco this coming September 19 through 23. We’ll be exhibiting, and we’ll also be giving a talk on our cross-platform transaction capabilities. We’ll post the scheduling details as soon as we know them, but in the meantime here’s the talk’s title and abstract:

Title: Bridging Transactions from Java EE to .NET

Abstract: Cross-platform transactions between enterprise Java and .NET should be easy, right? After all, both platforms have implemented the same specification. How hard can it be? This session will attempt to answer that question by providing an in depth look at distributed transactions including implementations in enterprise Java and .NET. Technologies that provide cross-platform transactions will be demoed providing a look at code from examples using WS-AT/WS-Coor and direct bridging using a shared-memory JVM-to-CLR implementation. In closing, the session will discuss performance benchmarking, “gotchas”, tips and tricks and the move towards eXtreme Transaction Processing and what that means for current Java EE and .NET based technologies.