Forcing Visual Studio 2013 support for the WCF JMS Adapter

The JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET is dependent on the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Line-Of-Business Adapter SDK. The SDK is released with versions of BizTalk Server, not Visual Studio. This year, BizTalk 2013 was released in the spring, but Visual Studio 2013 was released this fall, so the current version of the SDK doesn’t support VS 2013.   While it would be easy to tell our customers  interested in integrating JMS into .NET that they must use VS 2012 or 2010, it doesn’t provide much for the customers using VS 2013.

For the new release of the JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET, the solution was for us to explicitly install and configure the WCF LOB SDK for VS 2013, as part of the adapter installation. This consists of four assemblies and registry entries into the Visual Studio registry hive, HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftVisualStudio12. Along with the work inherent in getting the SDK to support VS 2013, JNBridge must also explicitly support the SDK for our end-users.

Couldn’t we just wait until the SDK was refreshed by Microsoft? We could, but the point is that by installing and supporting the SDK now, the customer, JNBridge and Microsoft all benefit.