Conversation with Sam Ramji at Microsoft

Last week I was up in Redmond, where I spent an hour talking with Sam Ramji, who heads up Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab.  A lot of Sam’s work involves understanding the open source landscape, including Linux interoperability with Windows (he showed me their server room, where they’re running dozens of flavors of Linux on several hundred machines), and guidance for running open source software like JBoss on Windows. One interest of his, of course, is Java/.NET interoperability.

In a previous life, Sam worked at BEA, where he looked at Java/Microsoft interop issues from the other side.  At the time, BEA bundled jCom (a Java/COM bridge) with Weblogic, but they had a number of reliability issues with that technology, so at the time they found that they could only recommend Web Services as an interoperability strategy.

Sam was quite interested to learn about JNBridgePro as a non-WS option for .NET/Java interop, and he posted a very nice blog entry on Microsoft’s Port25 blog, with his thoughts on JNBridgePro and it’s role in a .NET/Java interop strategy.  Thanks, Sam!