Bridge any Java with any .NET, anywhere


Connect anything Java together with anything .NET. Reuse your existing C#, VB or Java code, and run your applications anywhere.

JNBridge Adapters

Incorporate BizTalk or a .NET application with your existing JMS (Java Message Service) infrastructure.

JNBridge R&D Labs

Explore leading-edge kits that show how to connect a variety of technologies, and include example source code and documentation.

It’s Java and .NET

Combine the best elements of both frameworks with fast and rich integration and full access to the other side. Mix languages — use Java and C# or VB together.

Run Anywhere

Deploy your heterogeneous cross-platform apps in the same process, on different machines, on the ground, or in the cloud.

Complicated Made Simple

JNBridge manages the complexities, making the incompatible compatible so you don’t have to.

The Bottom Line

Quickly generate integrated solutions that reduce your upfront development costs, preserve your existing investments and save future maintenance costs.

You’re in Good Company

Enterprises and ISVs in more than 40 countries and in a wide range of vertical markets use JNBridge to solve their interoperability needs.

A big pharma company eliminates manual recordkeeping for increased productivity and product accuracy.

JMS Adapter for BizTalk

Success Story

.NET-Based ebiexperts avoids time, cost drains in wake of Business Objects’ switch to Java.


Success Story

JMS Adapter for .NET simplifies transition to SOA framework for Graebel Relocation Services.

JMS Adapter for .NET

Success Story

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