The JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET enables you to access JMS services from a wide variety of .NET applications. Its features include:

  • Works with any vendor’s JMS server.
  • Leaves your JMS server untouched.
  • Expects no programming knowledge of JMS.
  • Explore available JMS queues and topics with the design tool integrated into Visual Studio.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Support for multiple types of receive, including:

    Blocking receive
    Blocking receive with timeout
    .NET-style asynchronous receive
    Inbound (hosted service) receive

  • Accommodates:

    JMS local transactions and .NET distributed transactions, with full rollback capability
    Text messages, byte messages, map messages
    Point-to-point messaging (queues) and publish/subscribe (topics)
    Durable subscriptions
    Message selectors/filters
    JMS header properties
    Vendor specific (proprietary) connection strings
    Shared topics
    Ability to set delivery delay on a message
    The JMS message header property JMSDeliveryCount

  • Write your application in any .NET language, including C#, VB, F#, C++, etc.
  • Configure and run as a single process via the shared-memory channel, or in separate processes or on separate machines across a network via TCP/IP.
  • Supports Microsoft’s Azure AppFabric API, allowing .NET client endpoints running in the cloud to consume and produce JMS messages from JMS servers on the ground.
  • Based on the dependable and robust JNBridgePro Java and .NET interop technology.